Quanto custa Pack FIFA 21?

How much does FIFA 21 packs cost?

Promo Packs

Pack Name (Items #) Coins FIFA Points
Rare Consumables Pack (12) 20,000 400
Prime Electrum Players Pack (12) 20,000 400
Premium Gold Players Pack (12) 25,000 350
Rare Gold Pack (12) 25,000 500

What packs are worth buying FIFA 21?

Once again, the 50k, 100k and 125k are the best packs money can buy. The Rare Players Pack is the one you will find more times on the store.


Rare Players Pack 83
Ultimate Pack 83
Rare Electrum Players Pack 100
Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack 100
Prime Gold Players Pack 100

Is it worth buying packs FIFA 21?

The reason being premium packs carry a much higher risk but also a higher reward: you’re paying the extra money for two additional ‘rare’ cards. If those rare cards are players, you make even bigger profits; if they’re kits or badges, you’ll take a small hit.

Should I buy packs or players FIFA 21?

If you want to get more contracts and other consumables, you should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands on the best and most expensive cards in the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs.

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How much is 100k FIFA points?

FIFA Points in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Points Pack Usual Price
100 Points USD 0.99 EUR 0.99 GBP 0.79 SGD 1.60
250 Points USD 2.49 EUR 2.49 GBP 1.99 SGD 4.50
500 Points USD 4.99 EUR 4.99 GBP 3.99 SGD 8.00
750 Points USD 7.49 EUR 7.49 GBP 0.79 SGD 12.00

What do you get in a mega pack FIFA 21?

The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, all Gold with 18 Rares.

What is a rare gold pack FIFA 21?

The most unique Gold items, all in a single pack! A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 12 Gold and all Rare.

Can I buy FIFA 21 coins?

You can earn FUT Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) by playing matches or by selling Items on the Transfer Market, but you can’t buy Coins.

How can I download FIFA 21 for free?

How To Download FIFA 21 PC Instructions

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